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Exterior Coatings

Plain leather

Plain Leather is a leather with only one colour, whatever it may be. All colours are possible according to Pantones or our colour charts. Plain leather can have two finishes, smooth or grained. Smooth leather, as its name indicates, is of a single line, it has no roughness. Grained leather, on the other hand, is made exclusively of small, uniform asperities as if there were a light layer of grain underneath the leather. These two different finishes can be combined or take different directions.
Pens writing instrument casket box black leather closed
Leopard leather by Tyler the Creator from Maison EPHTÉE

Patterned leathers

Patterned leather is a printed leather, which means that a printer will print a film from the raw hide according to the patterns and the file recorded. A print can be a logo on a plain leather or it can cover the whole material.

Coated Canvas

Coated Canvas is a woven cotton canvas, which is then coated. It has great qualities such as ease of maintenance and water resistance, given that it is a synthetic material. Coated canvas is the material most commonly used by the major companies in the sector, and you will recognise it by the monogram of each brand.
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