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Jewellery Fittings

Polished solid brass

Polished Solid Brass is a rough finish that has a golden appearance and will develop a patina over time as you travel and discover new things. This will mark the experience of the trunk, but also your memories.
Green leather suitcases for cabin travel side view on all solid brass gold fittings
Anomalia Paris fragrance leather suitcase solid brass gold fitting code lock closed

Solid brass 24ct gold plated

24ct Solid Brass Gold is a treatment applied to solid brass to enable it to retain its golden lustre throughout its life.

Solid brass nickel-plated

Nickel-plated solid brass is also on a solid brass base with a nickel treatment. This gives the jewellery a shine, but also a strong hold over time so that the treatment is retained, unlike silver.
Pens writing instrument casket box black leather closed

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