Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Franck Tressens

What news ?

2013 is a year of pleasure, we create and manufacture a lot of trunks, briefcases, boxes for wine, mainly for very great wines.

Ah, I see ... Bordeaux!

Not only ! We also deliver our know-how in China. We also have a notebook dedicated to our first love ... The shoes, with a re-edition of our iconic trunk "JD" and several seats "Figaro" in its most elaborate version.

So, the trunk is fine !!

Yes, because after the trunks for wine, shoes, we must make some models for the storage of clothes and watches. Great moments of pleasure in perspective.

This year has been a year rich in awards ...

Everything is coming! in a short time we received from the Ministry of Crafts

our labelisation EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), then I was raised as Master Malletier d'Art, little known and even less awarded

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