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5 Timepiece Suitcase | Jeager - LeCoultre

REF : 70800

Jearger lecoultre travel suitcase front face silver fittings outside 5 watches closed
Jearger lecoultre travel suitcase interior 5 watches location opened
Jearger lecoultre travel suitcase embossing interior top 5 watches opened
Jearger lecoultre travel suitcase grey microfiber interior 5 watches cushion
Jearger lecoultre travel suitcase 5 watches embossed logo
Jearger lecoultre travel suitcase brown leather outside 5 watches closed

5 Timepiece Suitcase | Jeager - LeCoultre

REF : 70800





Leather and microfibre


Nickel-plated solid brass



600 mm


200 mm


200 mm



615 mm


615 mm


450 mm


The Jeager-LeCoultre suitcase, a comfortable space for 5 exceptional timepieces.

Watchmaking combines unique knowledge and precious materials to give rise to timepieces. Jeager-LeCoultre, the Swiss watchmaking company and expert in complications, uses the best of each.

Our creativity, associated with our noble materials, gives life to a case, a unique suitcase. Made entirely of leather and microfibre, this artwork can accommodate five timepieces.

To transport, present or display them, a fine custom-made case makes the experience even more unique.

Discuss with the craftsman

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Preliminary drawings in colour

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Authenticity certificate

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