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Exterior Coatings

The outer shell will make up your trunk and give it a unique look. A choice that suits you among 4 possibilities.

Interior cladding

The interior lining is the way to make your trunk unique. Once opened, your Trunk will be in your own world.

Fittings Jewellery

The Jewellery enhances your creation with a refined and luxurious touch. It is an integral part of the authentic travel trunk.

Finishing touches

Angle brackets

An aesthetic touch in leather that will cover all the corners of 
your creation.

Protective Slats

By perpetuating the authentic travel trunk, the slats appear on the contact areas.


The quilting brings a delicate thickness, by a foam dressed with microfiber


Transport your work wherever you wish, indoors
 or outdoors.


The handles are more than just an eye-catcher, they are an integral part of the style of your design.


Present on the suitcases, the frames & flaps allow to close your suitcase perfectly.

Secret Funds

A space that only you will know, a particularity that makes a little more difference…


A reflection, a shadow, a colour, all recreated by the patina before time leaves its own.



It is possible to emboss the leather with initials, a text, a logo, all in a unique way.


Embroidery is one of those little touches that allow you to have a unique creation.


So that the leather is marked forever! Raw or with a touch of gold leaf

Screen printing

On a solid brass plate, compose
 a message to
your liking.



An object, a case, a pocket box, to store your precious things as well as your
everyday belongings

Pompon & Keyholes

A touch of leather decoration that can carry or hold the keys of your creation, 
all discreetly


As on a travel luggage, a space dedicated to your personal information, in order to keep the style of the travel trunk

Protective Covers

The protective cover dresses and preserves your creation in the best conditions, whether you are travelling or in everyday life.

Protective Cushions

A piece that is comfortable to use, with a
thin layer of foam covered
in microfibre.


Revisit an authentic travel object by associating a modern universe, the surprise effect will only be multiplied by ten!

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